Miami Fish

Shark Spoted Among Miami FishMiami is located in the south east of Florida. It is a coastal city with fishing as a major tourist attraction for both veterans and beginner anglers alike. Coming to Miami and not fishing is almost unheard. You can find a number of fishing species in Miami which include Croaker, Sea trout, Grunt, sailfish and many more.

Apart from these Miami fish species, there are other types of fish in the fresh waters of Florida. These comprise of bluegill, crappie and peacock bass. All of these can be cooked into scrumptious dishes.

However, the largemouth bass is one of the most popular fish found in Florida's freshwater. This breed of fish known to be good fighter. It can become aggressive when reeled in, putting up a good fight before it gives in.

The name of the Largemouth Bass comes from the fact that this fish has a large mouth. The mouth of largemouth can extend way past its eyes. Amazing isn’t it!

The Largemouth Bass grows up to two feet long. The weight of this Miami fish can go up to twenty pounds, which is fairly uncommon. Even if you are able to catch a five pound Largemouth fish it would be tagged as a big game.

Mostly, you would find the Largemouth Bass in olive to dark-green colors. Its sides are greenish-yellow. Largemouth Bass can be found from lakes, ponds, reservoirs, large rivers, to even slow-moving streams.  They prefer feeding on vegetation in the early morning and evenings. You can easily spot them in groups around underwater trees, large rocks, and so on.

The swordfish also known as the broadbill is another Miami fish. As the name suggest, this fish is distinguished by an upper jaw that elongates to form a sort of sword which is sharp, flat and pointed. This sword measures a minimum one-third of its entire body length. Their body is snakelike, quite long, and has thin large eyes. The color of a swordfish varies. The largest swordfish which was found in the North Atlantic Ocean had a weight of 550 kg.

Miami Fish Charter Boat Headed to the Deap SeaHowever, if you find a swordfish of over 200 kg it would be considered a great catch.  Normally this Miami fish can be caught weighing anything from 90 and 150 kilograms. This magnificent fish is a potent fighter, catching a swordfish is not only thrilling for anglers but also a delight for the boaters.

Dolphin is one Miami fish for which a number of fishing tournaments are held all throughout the year. Dolphins grow quickly and have a short life span. These fish make a great gaming option. The size of a Dolphin can range drastically. While one dolphin can weight few pounds another can be over fifty pounds. The big bull dolphin is very athletic and once you hook them, be ready for a fight.

With so many varieties of Miami fish to choose from, no wonder the city can be called as the fishing paradise of the world.