Miami Fishing Boats

Due to Miami’s well-deserved reputation as a premier destination for world-class fishing, the area enjoys a plethora of fishing boats from which the public can choose. Depending on the kind of fishing experience you’re looking for, Miami has fishing charter boats that fit every angler’s desire. But keep in mind that all Miami fishing boats are not created equal. That’s why the Jumanji team takes great pains in maintaining its Miami-based fishing boats to secure its reputation as having the best quality fleet among all Miami fishing boats. Jumanji’s selection of Miami fishing boats regularly undergo a through inspection and exceed safety standards as set fourth by US Coast Guard regulations. Jumanji’s fleet of Miami fishing boats are equipped with the latest marine technology including state-of-the-art electronics and the highest quality rigging to assure your positive experience while aboard one of our chartered Miami fishing boats

Why does Jumanji go through all of the effort and expense to maintain its fleet of Miami fishing boats? The answer is pride in ownership. Jumanji wishes to protect its hard earned reputation as having the cleanest, best maintained fishing boats in Miami. We feel that its well maintained fleet of Miami fishing boats is essential in order to deliver on the best fishing boat experience Miami has to offer.

The other component that separates Jumamji’s Miami fishing boats from the competition is knowledge. Our experienced captain and crew have been plying Miami fishing boats in these waters for decades. It is their life long avocation to know exactly where the action is. Some of our regulars swear that our crew actually knows what the fish are thinking. In fact, there is no replacement for spending years on one of our Miami fishing boats to acquire the fishing expertise and familiarity of Miami-area waters and fishing boat navigation. That is why, when angling off of one of Jumanji’s Miami fishing boats; victory is not about luck but rather the years of experience in consistently landing the big ones on our sleek Miami fishing boats.

As soon as you board one of our clean Miami fishing boats, you recognize the pride in our crew’s efforts to prepare you for the fishing trip of a lifetime. As the boat pushes off from the dock, leaving the Miami skyline behind be assured that you are about to experience the fishing trip of a lifetime. Heading out deep into the blue sea, relax in the knowledge that the boats captain is heading right to where the fishing action is off of our Miami shores.

As the crew prepares the rigging and baits the hooks, you realize that the dream trip on our Miami fishing boat is about to come to fruition. As your hook is lowered into the sea’s depths, you wait in anticipation for the first strike. It then that it hits you what fishing off one of our Miami boats is all about.

Later in the day, as our fleet of Miami-based fishing boats winds down the day’s frenetic adventure, we head back to the dock satisfied in having experienced a great day of fishing on one of our Miami fishing boats.