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Catching Bonefish

The bonefish is quite the looker, featuring silver sides, dark back, pointed snout, and a forked tail. The thick-bodied fish is typically 2-10 pounds and is particularly popular in the tropics and Bahamas. Here are some tips on how to catch bonefish or “Silver Ghost.”
Tackle and Bait to Catch Bonefish
Catching Bonefish
The best tackle for a sight-fisherman is a spinning setup with 8-pound test. A light rod is great, provided it is at least 7 feet. If you are a fly angler, an 8-weight outfit is a popular choice amongst your peers.
As for bait, live shrimp are a good pick for spin fishermen. Crab also works, as does cut shrimp. Some anglers swear by chunks of sardines. Lures to use include “skimmer” jigs with flat heads horizontally to keep the hook upright. Go with a 1/4 or 1/8 ounce.
Catching Bonefish Techniques
As for how to catch tropical bonefish, this often is done by quickly polling around shallow flats until you see them. Once you spot one, put on the bait or lure and put it ahead of the direction of the fish with the hope that it will bite.
As it can be difficult to spot them, wear polarized sunglasses. The shades do double-duty by shielding your eyes from the wind.
Cast Well
Being able to cast well, whether you use fly or spinning tackle, is vital to successful bonefishing. Thus, practice casting in a range of conditions, including windy days, at all angles.
You will also find that the more time you spend looking for the fish, the better you will get at spotting them. It is easier to spot them on a sunny day than a dark winter’s day.
Now you have the basics on how to catch bonefish. Practice your techniques and have a great outing!
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