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Charter boat fishing offers the most hassle free way to enjoy Miami’s great and diverse fishing opportunities. When you sign up for a Jumanji charter boat cruise, you will receive a turnkey package that comes with everything you’ll need to start catching the big ones. Keep in mind that all charter boats are not one- size- fits- all affairs. The type of charter boat you select will depend on the kind of fishing charter boat experience you wish to have.
Typically, the kind of charter boat selected will vary in size and function depending on a number of variables. Essentially there are three different types of charter boat designs. One would charter a flats boat, for example, to fish the shallows where highly prized catches like the bonefish is sought. These small boats are employed where fish are easily spooked and stealth is required. Most charter flats boats are designed to accommodate two anglers and a guide. A flats charter boat is easily recognized by its raised platform that is employed to make visual contact with the fish in the shallow waters. If you’re seeking refuge in a tranquil setting off of one of Miami’s beautiful wildlife areas, then a flats charter boat is for you. And Jumanji charters is ready to set you up with a flats boat charter that will give you a memory of a lifetime.
Moving up in size, light tackle charter boats generallyconsist of center console designs that are quick and powerful allowing for speedy transportation and maneuverability. A light tackle charter boat is often used for an offshore fishing boat charter although its sea worthiness also makes it suitable for deep-sea fishing boat charters. Each Jumanji light tackle charter boat comes with an experienced guide who knows where the grouper holes are at and will safely transport you there with speed and precision. A Jumanji light tackle charter boat gets you to the action with an up-close and personal charter boat experience.
The next step up in size can be found in Jumanji’s fleet of offshore and deep sea fishing charter boats. An offshore charter boat is capable of going further offshore and for extended periods of time. These offshore charter boats are large enough to accommodate more anglers and can provide more protection from the elements. An offshore charter boat is the vessel of choice if you’re gunning for the trophy fish such as Sailfish and Blue Fin Tuna.
Of course, if your needs require a still larger charter boat vessel, Jumanji can set you up with what is usually referred to as a party boat charter. This kind of charter boat is capable of hosting all of your friends for a floating celebration with all of the amenities. These charter boats not only offer a terrific fishing boat charter experience, it’s a great place to host your next big event whether it be a birthday party or corporate event.
So regardless of your charter boat needs, Jumanji has a charter boat cruise that fits your desires.
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