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Charter Fishing Boats

Jumanji offers the best fishing options with its fleet of modern charter fishing boats. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the sport, our charter fishing boats provide a great way to get out on the water without any hassles. The folks at Jumanji have already taken care of providing you with everything you need for a great charter fishing boat experience.

The essential ingredient to a great charter fishing boat adventure is the selection of the right captain. When you’re on one of jumanji’s charter fishing boats, you can be assured that the vessel will be captained by a seasoned pro with years of experience on charter fishing boats under his belt.  With a good charter fishing boat captain at the helm, finding fish is not a gamble; it’s a sure thing. That’s because, with the right man at the helm of your charter fishing boat, it’s becomes experience, not luck, that determines the successful outcome of your charter fishing boat cruise.  The captain’s knowledge of the local waters is key to a successful charter fishing boat trip. His years of plying Miami’s rich fishing grounds gives him the expertise to go where the fish are, anticipate what fish are biting and know what bait will entice them to land onto your dinner plate. The captains that command Jumanji’s fleet of charter fishing boats know Miami’s sparkling blue waters like the you know the back of your hand. That knowledge and experience is what differentiates Jumanji’s fleet from the rest of Miami’s charter fishing boats.

Unlike other charter fishing boats, when you step onto one of Jumamji’s charter fishing boats, you can rest assured that all of the tackle and bait you will need will be provided. Our fleet of charter fishing boats is fully equipped with everything that you will require in order to have a successful and enjoyable charter fishing boat experience. Jumanji’s safety record is unparalleled in the charter fishing boat industry. All of our charter fishing boats are Coast Guard certified and include all of the amenities that will make for a comfortable and enjoyable charter fishing boat experience.

Charter fishing is also a great excuse to get the entire family out on Miami’s pristine waterways and spend some quality time together. Miami’s great weather affords lots of blue skies juxtaposed to spectacular aqua marine water that the whole family will enjoy. Jumanji will assure your family of the ultimate charter fishing boat experience. Watching little Johnny land his first fish on his maiden charter fishing boat voyage is a Kodak moment that will become a family legacy. And Jumanji's extensive fleet offers  a variety of vessels to choose  from. We can accommodate everyone on a charter fishing boat voyage from large parties to a single fisherman.

As a great day on your charter fishing boat voyage winds down and you head back to the dock laden down with your aquatic trophies, its common to reflect on the day, safe in the knowledge that Jumanji delivered on its promise of providing a memorable charter fishing boat experience. It’s no wonder that so many satisfied customers find Jumanji to be their number one choice when it comes to charter fishing boats in Miami.