Miami Shark Fishing

Shark Fishing in Miami

Are you searching shark fishing charters in Miami? If so, Fish Jumanji is the place to be. We will make your shark fishing trip memorable with various amenities on your fishing boats.

Hunting this majestic creature (shark) is not a child’s play. But our crew ensures you don’t miss this prize game during your trip. The species you can catch include lemon shark, bonnet-heads, and black tips. Don’t forget to learn more about facts about them from your captain.

If you plan to consume the tasty shark meat after catching it, the good news is that you will enjoy its multiple health benefits. With around 18 percent of protein, it helps you meet your protein requirements. The water content in the range of 73 to 75 percent is also quite impressive. The nutrient composition of this sea creature makes it suitable for treating various diseases.

If we specifically talk about omega-3, the high content of this fatty acid in shark helps you boost the heart health and brain health. This constituent also helps reducing the chances of diabetes. In fact, various individuals from Miami specifically go for charter shark fishing to enjoy the mouth-watering and nutritious.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your shark fishing charter in Miami Beach to get a break from your mundane life.