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Ft Lauderdale Charters

Amongst various places like Miami, key Biscayne, and Naples in Florida for fishing, Fort Lauderdale is the best place to have an enjoyable time fishing with your family and friends. Fishing in Fort Lauderdale is an experience that all fish lovers whether a pro or planning a fishing trip for the first time must try. The combination of shallow and deep water along and in close proximity to the Gulf Stream that is just two miles away from the beach. The relatively warm weather makes fishing in this place truly special.
Sport fishing in Fort Lauderdale gives you an opportunity to choose from an array of species that can be fished here. You can select from tuna, grouper, swordfish, shark, Wahoo, tarpon, snapper, kingfish, and sailfish just to name a few. The choice is so wide that sometimes it is difficult to pick one. Even though fishing is a year round activity in Fort Lauderdale but as the season changes the species available for fishing also vary.
If you new in this area or just visiting Fort Lauderdale for the first time then the ideal way to start your fishing expedition is to take the services of Fort Lauderdale charters. There are several charter companies in this area to select from.
A charter company provides you with a number of fishing packages. Some companies offer half day or full day fishing packages while others also offer quarter day, night fishing tours or few hour tours depending upon the client’s needs and requirements.
The price varies according to the package you choose. If you are on a tight budget there is also the option of sharing a charter boat. On such a shared charter boat usually 4-6 people can be easily accommodated in one trip. Sharing a charter boat is perfect if you are traveling alone or in a small group. Also, for anglers on a tight budget such a kind of charter can prove to be a great benefit. In case you want your kids on board it is advisable to check for a minimum age allowed.
You can also get charters for corporate events and special fishing parties in this area. The charter company will make all the arrangements for you that include arranging for the bait, fishing equipment to drinks and food for the guest. Such an arrangement requires an advance booking and is able to accommodate up to 20 anglers in a single trip.
Along with fishing vessels that are fully customized with the latest technology and equipment Fort Lauderdale charters also provides a captain and crew who have years of local knowledge and experience. The crew will guide you at every step. You can converse with the captain or just sit in the large air conditioned fishing cockpits. Not only this, the crew will ensure that you get a trophy catch which you will be more than happy to show off to friends and family. There are many companies that also practice catch and release sport fishing.
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