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Grouper Fishing Miami

Grouper FishingGrouper is one of the many abundant species of fishes of the family Serranidae. They are extensively distributed in warm water of Miami, Florida. These fish are large-mouthed with a heavy-body and tend to remain in isolated areas. Size wise Grouper can be almost 100 lbs but you can catch an average sized from 10lbs to 40lbs all year round. The ideal time for catching a grouper is winter when they move out to the deeper wrecks. But you can enjoy Miami Grouper Fishing anytime of the year.

Fishing Miami you can find many species of Groupers but the most common are Gag, Goliath and the Black groupers. The type and size of bait plays an important role in the fish you catch. Large blue crabs are just irresistible to big Grouper. You should remove the top shell and hook the crab through its belly. In general the bait with most strong odor is the best for grouper. You can use Kampong fish fillet, cockle, fresh sotong, saltwater earth worm. For small size kampong fish fillet and for bigger size grouper, half cut or full size of kampong fish is recommended.

Using live baits for Miami Grouper fishing gives you an outstanding number of catches. Also by using Bait bottom fishing with cut bait and jig fishing around reefs and wrecks, it is possible to get a very big catch. This is not the only technique, there are many other ways to catch Miami Grouper while fishing in Miami.

To start with, groupers are aggressive strikers, when they bite into bait they usually hit into the rocks or other structure that surrounds them. When using the live bait method in order to catch a grouper, you can place medium to large live baits over the wrecks. It is always better to use strong baits that are placed on long leaders in medium to fast current to get an excellent catch.

With deep jigging, you can easily target species like; Reds and Gags. Another favorite method amongst the anglers’ is trolling. You can use this method in water that is 15 to 25 feet in depth. Then, for shallow water that is 4 to 12 feet, you can also use the method of flat lining. If the grouper is near or on the structure where you are fishing you will get a catch practically quickly.

Other than the bait, an important technique you use for Miami Grouper Fishing is the tide. The tide also affects the catch. Tide of water will determine the size of catch you get when grouper fishing. In low or steady tides all the big sized groupers go in the deep areas. So, the chances of getting a big grouper will be less. In the high tide the exact opposite will happen. Small fishes generally come near the beach area, so the grouper will also follow them. Thus, in high tide you will not have go further into the deep sea for Grouper fishing.

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