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Grouper Recipes

Have you had grouper lately? It is a part of the sea bass family and has a mild flavor that is similar to bass and halibut. Cooking grouper is simple to cook as it is quite a lean fish. Look out for the red and black types.
3 Mouth-Watering Grouper Recipes
Grouper Recipes
Red Grouper with Citrus Tomato Sauce
This easy recipe is delicious and has great color too. White wine and orange juice add a tangy taste to the dish, complemented by the garlic and shallots. Get ready for a punch of amazing taste when you get the recipe.
Grouper Parmesan Recipe
For supper, you can’t get much simpler than this grouper parmesan recipe. The prep time is only ten minutes, with a six-minute cook on it. Serve the family a tasty fish meal in under half an hour! Remember to squeeze some lemon over top of the finished dish for an extra pop of yumminess.
Grilled Grouper with Oven Fries
We like this particular grilled grouper recipe and think it would pair great with oven fries. The basil-lime pistou mentioned in the recipe is like a pesto; you make it in a food processor. If you aren’t comfortable grilling the fish, you can cook it instead in a grill pan for about four minutes per side.
Grouper is a quality fish for dinner because it is a firm fish that holds up to a range of methods of cooking. As well, you can add many different seasonings to the white fish, and they all taste great! Often grouper is found in fillet sandwiches in the South, as well as chowders and fish soups.
If you are serious about bottom fishing and find your boat full of grouper, now you have some tasty recipes to make with the fish!
Grouper Recipe Videos
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