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Deep Sea Fishing Miami with Jumanji

Deep Sea Fishing Miami

Fish Jumanji is proud to serve Miami, Florida residents and visitors with the best Miami fishing charters that are simply better than the competition. Our experienced fishing team knows where to fish and how to do it in style. Relax and enjoy your fishing trip on one of our luxury boats that have ac and all the amenities.

Miami, FL offshore waters create the perfect conditions for some of the biggest sport fish in the world. Take your family or close friends out to the open sea to pursue these monster fish and make memories.

Prices for Deep Sea Fishing Miami

Please call (786) 486-7200 for specific pricing and special offers for your next deep sea fishing Miami adventure.

Miami Fishing Charters

Group Charters

A private group charter starts at $900 and is perfect for families, friends, bachelor parties, weddings or corporate outings. Our USCG certified boats can accommodate from 1 to 20 passengers in comfort. Fishing gear and license is always included.

Shared Charters

If you want to get out on a Miami fishing boat for less, try a shared charter. You and up to 6 people will save money by splitting the cost of your fishing trip. As always, your fishing license and gear will be included.

Fish You Can Catch


Sailfish are a blue to gray color and are know for their large dorsal fin the runs the length of their back. They can grow to almost 10 feet and nearly 200 lbs. They are one of the most sought after fish during Miami fishing charters.


Known for their tasty meat, this fish is highly sought after. The largest Wahoo to date was 8 ft and 183 lbs.


Bring your "A" game if you want to go shark fishing. These kings of the ocean get massive and are extremely powerful. A mature tiger shark can get up to 1,000 lbs and a mature bull shark can way in at 400 lbs. Hammerheads are also extremely large and grow to be 500 lbs. If you want to eat the shark after you catch it, the best species are black-tips, bonnet-heads, lemon sharks and sharp-nose. It is a must if you are deep sea fishing Miami.


Common on menus across the world, this delicious fish gets to about 24 inches when mature and the largest on record was 85 lbs.


Part of the mackerel family, this fish is one of the best to eat. The size can vary significatnly from 1 ft (4 lbs) to 15 ft (1,000 lbs) depending on the type of tuna (bluefin, yellowfin or blackfin).

Miami Fishing Charters

Deep Sea Fishing Miami Locations:

  • Bayside Marketplace Marina
  • Miami Beach Marina
  • Crandon Park Marina
  • Haulover Park Marina
  • Coconut Grove Marina
  • Sea Breeze Marina
  • Sea Isle Marina
  • Big Game Resort Bimini

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