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Miami a city in Florida is surrounded by water from three sides. In fact, most of the tourist spots and activities in the city revolve around the pristine beaches of this city. When in Miami you can indulge in a number of water sports like scuba diving. The sun is always out in Miami, which makes it perfect for you to enjoy the sun and beach. If this was not enough, in Miami you can also enjoy the outdoor culinary festivals that are held on a regular basis. If you want to wine and dine as well as enjoy some mouth watering food, Miami food tour can be just the thing for you. The city offers some amazing cuisines in the various restaurants along the south beach side.

However, if food is not on your mind you need not be disappointed, as the city has a lot of things to offer to people visiting it. These range from the indoor and outdoor attractions, friendly and professional fishing events, great shopping experience to numerous artistic sights. With so much to do and see in the city you probably will not know where to start from.

Well the best thing to do in such a case is to hire a water taxi service that conducts Miami sightseeing tours on a daily basis. You can either book our water taxi well before hand or on the spot. Our captain and our dedicated team members make sure each and every passenger has a safe and happy ride with us. At the moment we have included only two major hotspots of the Sightseeing in Miami. These are the Bayside marketplace, which is famous for its great shopping experience it has to offer to all tourists visiting Miami. The second stop is at the Miami Beach marina. We also offer day passes, weekend passes, family discounts all the passengers. This will ensure that you make the most of your Miami sightseeing trip as you will reach your destination in a short time while enjoying the natural beauty of the city.

On our 40 feet long boat we have the capacity to handle as many as 40 passengers easily. We take all safety precautions and are fully- equipped to handle any emergency situation with ease.

Thus, if you want to avoid the jam-packed roads, opt for our water taxi services today and make your Miami holiday a memorable one.

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