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Party Boat Fishing in Miami

Party Boat Fishing

If you’re planning an event for a special occasion or thinking about your next vacation getaway, turn to Fish Jumanji for unforgettable party boat fishing in Miami, Florida. Whether it’s a wedding or bachelor party, a corporate social for your employees, or simply a chance to make summer memories, going fishing with us is an exciting opportunity. We have everything ready for an excellent boating trip, so all you need to do is bring yourself.

Group Charter Details

The best part of fishing is doing it with friends, and our private charters let you bring the whole crew along for the ride. Among Fish Jumanji’s fleet of charter boats, there are two main options for large groups. If you want something to show off after your trip, our 42’ trophy fish charter is built for serious fishing out in deeper waters, where you can catch the biggest snappers, groupers, and kingfish. There’s also our 57’ luxury sport fishing charter, perfect for fishing in style; it accommodates up to 20 passengers and comes with choice comforts from air conditioning to satellite TV, yet is still more than capable when you want to spend the whole day fishing. Whichever you choose, both vessels are US Coast Guard certified, manned by expert captains, and equipped with sound systems that attract plenty of fish. Feel free to call us with any questions (786) 486-7200.

Experienced Fishing Captains

Along with an outstanding fleet, Fish Jumanji also has some of the best captains, staff, and crew in South Florida ready to ensure a smooth and memorable trip. From navigating the waters and finding the ideal spot for an afternoon to handling the fishing gear and onboard equipment that makes your next big catch possible, they’re ready to make sure you’re in good hands. In addition, having a professional fishing guide join you will make a successful trip all the more certain. Whether you’re casting a line for the first time or joining us as a veteran angler, the guide can advise you on what to expect and how to reel in a whopper. This also means that a Fish Jumanji party charter is a good opportunity for new fishers to learn the ropes and practice their skills among friends; soon enough you’ll be showing off a new trophy and smiling for the camera!
Our party charters provide excellent opportunities for a great catch in South Florida. Plenty of memories and bold stories were made on our charters, and you can be among them. Every charter supplies you with the gear, bait, and tackle you’ll need, as well as the right fishing licenses for everyone participating. On top of that, we know where to go for the best fishing spots, and our charters are equipped to lure your next catch in. If you’re not having any luck in one spot, the captain can even steer the ship towards a better location.

The fish you’ll find depends on how deep the waters are and the time of year, but some of the trophy fish you can walk away with include snappers, groupers,

Party Fishing
sailfish, barracudas, amberjacks, and even sharks! Make sure to read up on what’s in season, and don’t worry about supplies – we’ll have you covered for any kind of catch. Afterward, we can have your catch prepared for a delicious filet or preserved to mount on your wall at home.

Plan Your Trip Today!

If a private fishing trip with friends, family, or coworkers sounds perfect to you, turn to Fish Jumanji for the best party fishing charters in Miami. Contact us online, or by calling us at (786) 486-7200, if you have any questions or you want to book a charter today for only $60 with a $5 booking fee!
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