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Preventing Boat Theft

Having your boat broken into and having materials within stolen or, worse yet, having your boat stolen altogether, is an unfortunate but possible reality. Preventing boat theft is possible using the advice below.
Precautions You Can Take
Preventing Boat Theft
Install an Alarm System
Preventing boat theft can start with the installation of an alarm system. There are several providers on the market, and choosing the best one can seem overwhelming at first. Avoid buyer’s remorse by selecting a system that will be reliable, user-friendly, can withstand the elements (rain, sun, water, and wind), and has motion sensor lights to scare away potential thieves.
Remove Valuables
When you are not using the boat, remember to take personal items with you back to land. While it may seem like a pain to take all of your gear off the boat after every outing, it is a lot better than finding the items stolen one day.
Aftermarket Locks
If you must keep valuable items on your boat, store them out of sight and lock them up. This technique follows the logic “out of sight, out of mind.” Invest in high-security locks that can deter a thief who just wants an easy target. Making the process of stealing more difficult is a key part of preventing boat theft.
Other Ways of Preventing Boat Theft
For the items that do stay on board the boat (locked up), engrave them so that they are harder for a thief to take or alter. Another good idea is to photograph items you want to protect.
Give one copy to your insurance agent and keep at least two for yourself. Store the photos in a safe place off the boat. Lastly, make sure your insurance coverage is correct and up to date.
Apply these same tips for preventing boat theft to your trailer, prop, chargers, and other items. Doing so will help keep them safer too. Making it difficult for someone to steal your boat and accessories, as well as increasing the security of the environment, will go far towards them safe.
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