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Tiger Shark Fishing

Tiger Shark Fishing Guide

Tiger Shark FishingThe idea of trying tiger shark fishing can be quite exciting, but as you can imagine this is very challenging. Since you are trying to catch a shark, you need to have the right tools and precautions, otherwise things can go south really fast.

Since the tiger shark is the second largest shark in the world, you do need great equipment. You will also have to treat the shark with the utmost respect. These tropical sharks (sometimes they can be found in temperate waters) are widely known for being territorial and they will jump in your boat even before you hook them.

These sharks are very acrobatic and powerful. You will find your boat pushed many times when you try to catch this creature. Thankfully, we created a list of tips that will help you with your tiger shark fishing endeavors.

Bait for Tiger Shark Fishing

If you want to do tiger shark fishing properly, you will have to try and acquire a good chum slick. Bunker chum is particularly useful in this regard. You do have the ability to grind your own chum which enables you to use mackerel or herring if you want.

Grind the chum and then place it in a milk carton. Freeze this then poke some holes into it, put it in the water and attach it to your boat. It’s a very simple process and one that will immediately attract the attention of any shark. One thing to note here is that the Tiger Shark will immediate come to attack the chum.

Now you have to use the proper baits. Some of the best baits to use here are tuna filet, mackerel and mackerel filet, bluefish filet and live bluefish.

Equipment for Tiger Shark Fishing

For equipment you will need a wire leader, a heavy leader of around 15 feet as well as a monofilament line of 100lb. Of course, you need to keep in mind that you have to float the baits as well. Put these close to your boat if you want to get the very best results.
Remember that tiger shark fishing requires very heavy tackle. Most of the time the shark anglers focus on using Penn International Reels. It’s up to you to pick the right model to suit your needs.


Tiger shark fishing is very challenging, you will actually have to tire the shark as you will be unable to strong arm him. This is hard to do most of the time, but with the right approach you will see that nothing is impossible. This type of fishing is very challenging yet it does have its merits. We recommend you to give it a a shot!