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Miami Swordfish Fishing

If you are looking for some thrills and excitement then head down to Florida for some Miami swordfish fishing. The best time to go swordfish fishing is during the late evening and night hours. One can even take part in a Miami swordfish fishing tournaments. Swordfish fishing is not for a beginner, because these fish are big, powerful and mean. Swordfish are not like any other fish in the sea, they are a little different.  They have a body like a tuna, heart like a Marlin, and scarcest of all an attitude like a shark.  The swordfish live in a mean world; they have to fight against other larger fish for what is theirs.  Swordfish have a powerful tail and a long bill.  That long bill is not just for looks it has a purpose.  The purpose is for its survival. The bill is particularly sharp on the edges and used to hunt and kill its target.
The best method for swordfish fishing is to set your rods up and space them at different depths. Then just sit back and relax, admire the tranquil star lit sky, until you get lucky. The reels, which need to be carried for Swordfish fishing, are about fifty pounds. The rod should be short, approximately in the fifty to eighty pound range. Carrying chafing gear, can protect your line when the swordfish tries to getaway under the boat. One might want to think about using braided lines, for additional strength. Swordfish fishing is a very precise kind of fishing. One has to go out approximately eighteen miles off shore and drift.  The swordfish live in deep water hills and ledges.  In order to get to this place one has to go out at least fifteen to twenty miles from shore.  Miami Swordfish are normally found at the depths of about six hundred to twelve hundred feet and temperatures of the water are between the low sixties to low seventies.
The length of a swordfish can differ from four to ten feet and can weigh a several hundred pounds.  They swim and feed in the deep waters during the day, and come close to the surface at night. The season to find to swordfish fishing is during the late summer and fall. The bait that is used for swordfish is squid, mackerel or other small fish. In addition a glow stick is added to the leader a few feet above the bait.  To ensure one makes the catch, some add in line weights on the line to control the depth of the bait. The larger swordfish are all females; males seldom surpass two hundred pounds.
Once you have captured the swordfish, be easy on the line.  The lower jaw of the swordfish is extremely soft and if you are hooked in, you may not realize it.
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