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Teaching Safe Boating to Young Ones

Do you want to take your kids boating with you? Of course, you want them to be safe. Here is advice for teaching them the basics of boating safety in ways that are easy to understand and interesting.
Be the Role Model
Teaching Safe Boating to Young Ones
Kids learn well when they follow the leader, and now you can be the leader! Demonstrate what you do when boating, including wearing a life jacket, and they are sure to follow. There are even life jackets you can buy now with fun designs on them that appeal to children. They are relatively inexpensive too if you find them on sale, for as little as $15.
Engage Older Kids First
Win over the older kids first and then the younger ones are sure to want to follow suit. Ask the older kids to help watch the younger ones and make sure they are safe. Also, tell the little ones that they won’t be able to join in the fun of their older siblings, cousins or friends unless they act safely too.
Put Safety Procedures in Place
Tell everyone on board the risks of danger that come with certain parts of the boat or activities on the water. For example, the propeller can be dangerous. Even when it is not moving, it can still cut off a limb. So, be sure to convey to kids the message to stay away from it. Also, when any of the group wants to swim, always take the ignition out of the boat.
Teach your kids the rules of the water and soon they will automatically follow them just as they do in the car. Make sure the rules are taught clearly and well understood. Encourage kids to ask questions at any time and assure them you will not be upset with them for doing so.
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