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Miami Shared Charters

We offer Shared Charters in Miami

If you want to go out on fishing along or are seeking a good company...
Large Wahoo Fishing

Top tips and techniques for Wahoo fishing

Wahoo is considered one of the yummiest fish in the ocean. Numerous individuals enjoy Wahoo...
Tarpon Fishing

Things You Should Know About Tarpon Fishing

If you check online, you will discover plenty of service providers that offer tarpon fishing...
Surefire tips to catch kingfish in Miami

How to Catch Kingfish: Expert Tips from the Pros

Kingfish, also known as king mackerel, are a prized catch for any angler due to...
Dolphin Fishing Guide for Anglers in Miami

Dolphin Fishing Guide for Anglers in Miami

Also known as mahi-mahi, the dolphin is quite popular in Miami when one thinks of...
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