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Dolphin Fishing Guide for Anglers in Miami

Dolphin Fishing Guide for Anglers in Miami
Also known as mahi-mahi, the dolphin is quite popular in Miami when one thinks of sport fishing. If you, too, are looking forward to catching this fish type, go through our dolphin fishing guide in the subsequent section.
Casting baits like popping bugs or flies are suitable if you are considering a hot school. The big-sized catch can be lured using live baits.
The Season
It is preferred to check the fishing reports in the region before making a plan. In general, the whole year is suitable for catching dolphin, but the chances increase if you are going between April and first cold weather.
The tackle
It is advised to use light tackle, preferably thirty-pound IGFA class or smaller. Though some anglers use conventional reels and trolling rods, you can also give the medium one a shot. You need to ensure the reel is capable of holding a line with a length of several hundred yards.
Locating dolphin
The dolphin is often found under things that help in escaping the sun, which is why looking for flotsam like weed line is a good idea. To avoid following any speed pattern, you must change your troll’s speed frequently. Use flying fish as an indicator of the dolphin’s location, as the dolphin usually follows the baitfish.
Fishing techniques

You can choose from kite fishing, live bait fishing, trolling, drift fishing, or charter boat fishing. Run and search, which is also known as run and gun, is popular in Miami. Several fishermen prefer trolling, as they are able to cover a large area and catch numerous other fish species.

We hope that this guide will help you on your next trip. If you are looking for dolphin fishing in Miami, you can connect with us for the best experience. Talk to one of our representatives for pricing and other details.
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