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Miami Dolphin Fishing

Dolphin Fishing

The Dolphin which is also called Mahi Mahi or Dorado is the most exhilarating offshore game fish to catch and see in the ocean. This colored fish is found in all tropical and warm temperate seas of the world. Miami is famous all over the globe for all types of fishing including Dolphin fishing. When visiting Miami, you might even come across one of the many, Dolphin fishing tournaments held all year round.

The main reason for Miami Dolphin Fishing is so great is that the Gulf Stream is less than one and half miles from the beach. You can easily spend the whole day hauling one catch after the other. Dolphin fish is an fish to eat known for its firm, delicate meat.
Dolphins grow rapidly and are short lived this makes them an excellent choice for game fish as they can sustain recreational catch efforts without over fishing. The size of a Dolphin can range from smaller fish to extremely large size fish. Dolphins range from few pounds and over fifty pounds. The big bull dolphin being the largest is strong and may need lot of pulling once hooked. Dolphin fishing can be caught all round the year, but the method or tactics used can vary from season to season. The late spring, summers and fall is the ideal time for a dolphin catch.
Kite fishing with live baits may be used for large dolphins. Trolling offshore in the Gulf Stream also works for big dolphins. In this method the boat is moving the entire time till the fish starts biting. At this time the speed of the boat slows and it may even stop.
Dolphin Fishing
These fish light up jumping high, when hooked. Locating and catching dolphin can be either a challenge or easy. They generally don’t move to far from the food source so do keep eyes on floating weeds, and other floating objects. The schools of Dolphin violently attack the baits. Look out for sea birds such as the Frigate and so on. The birds usually follow the large fish which they spot from air. So, you will find dolphins under birds and debris.
The bait for dolphin fishing can be a live bait ballyhoo, mullet or mullet strips, you can easily find them at a bait shop or any artificial bait designed to catch dolphin. Using live ballyhoo is the best bait for dolphin.
The best Dolphin fishing waters available is the south east coast of Florida and the Keys. If you are visiting Miami or is unfamiliar with the area, hiring a fishing guide or charter captain is e a good choice A dolphin fishing charter like Fish Jumanji will supply you with everything, including the equipment, boats, and will also give you tips on catching a dolphin. Miami Dolphin fishing in a charter adventure is a really fun activity for everyone, kids and adults.
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