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Miami Fishing Charters

Miami fishing charters can be engaged for almost as many kinds of fishing as there are fish. Most of the boats are in the 40-60 foot size range, comfortable for even a tenderfoot, and solid enough to brave the turbulent waters of the nearby Gulf Stream.

Most vacationers who charter a boat for deep sea fishing just want to have something to pull on and get a picture of to show the folks back home. This wish can certainly be obliged, as there are dozens of formidable foes in the deep Atlantic. For this kind of fishing, the captain and crew of Miami fishing charters will employ heavy tackle and go where they think there is the best chance of a hookup. In the winter this means trolling ballyhoo and spoons, or fishing with live goggle-eyes for kingfish, dolphin and sailfish. Of course it is not a surprise if a wahoo, bonito or blackfin tuna grabs the bait. Frequently the action gets hot and heavy on a Miami fishing charter.

For those with more experience, most Miami fishing charters will accommodate almost any request. You want cobia? They'll look for a manta ray that the cobia follow. You want a big grouper or amberjack? They'll fish over a favorite reef or wreck. They'll even take you out at night to try to get a swordfish.

How much will it cost for Miami fishing charters?

Miami fishing charters for an offshore 4 hour trip costs between $400 and $600. The boats accommodate parties of up to 6 (a few larger boats can take larger parties), and they will happily put parties together. Many boats also run 6 and 8 hour trips, and there are special night charters for swordfish and tarpon.

Smaller boats can be hired to fish in Biscayne Bay for tarpon, snook, redfish and trout. These Miami fishing charters are priced commensurately lower than the big boats.

The Miami fishing charter boat provides all necessary equipment and bait; with the exception that live bait might carry an additional charge -- usually a good investment, especially if you want to catch a sailfish. Rods and reels will be sturdy and spooled with heavy line, 40 pound test or more. This is necessary because many of the guests will be inexperienced fishermen, and the heavy tackle will compensate for any angler miscues.

Normally the captain will allow anglers to use their own tackle, as long as it doesn't interfere with the general plan of attack. And often the vessel carries specialized gear, including light or even ultra-light rods and reels for those anglers who can handle it. Many a world record catch, ranging through all the line classes, has been made on many Miami fishing charters.

In the end, Miami fishing charters can provide an unforgettable experience for novice and experienced anglers alike, and some boats are so confident of success that they offer a money back guarantee.