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Basic Saltwater Fishing Equipment

Saltwater fishing is popular. No, we mean really popular. About 22 million people across the U.S. engage in saltwater fishing each year, whether it be a saltwater lake, ocean or tidal inlet. For the beginner, extensive equipment is not necessary; instead, basic saltwater fishing equipment is rods, reels, bait, line, and hooks.
Basic Recommended Fishing Gear
Basic Saltwater Fishing Equipment
The Fishing Rod
Perhaps the most important piece of saltwater fishing equipment is the rod. A newbie would be best to choose a graphite rod instead of fiberglass. While it is more expensive than fiberglass, graphite is easier to use and lighter too. It is simple to clean as well; just rinse and wipe down the graphite rod to prevent the saltwater from eating away at the rod and reel.
Reel Good
The ideal saltwater fishing reel for a beginner in the sport is one made of aluminum. The line won’t have free movement so it won’t get in the way of reeling in big fish. While spinning wheels are often the recommended type for saltwater fishing, they can be weighty and tangle easily.
Fishing Bait for Saltwater
The most popular choice of saltwater fishermen for bait is shrimp. Live shrimp work best; keep them in a bucket of water until you use them. Another option is cut bait, which is fish that is already dead and is cut small to place on the hook. If you’re going to deep waters, cut bait is better than shrimp, typically.
Line for Saltwater Fishing
Try a monofilament saltwater fishing line. It is thin and durable, so it can easily stretch. As monofilament line deteriorates with exposure to the sun, change the line about every six months. For the line, it can be clear or colored. While clear lines are invisible to the fish, which can help you catch more of them, it can become hard to see for the fisherman. A heavy line is best for the beginner if he or she is not sure what type of fish will be caught that day.
Hook It
There are two types of saltwater fishing hooks: stainless steel or high-carbon steel. While stainless steel evades rust, it can be prone to break. If you plan to catch small fish, select a small hook that fits their mouths. The smallest saltwater hook is size 32.
Of course, you will also want to wear a life jacket as the sea life is full of surprises. Not only can it save your life if anything goes askew in deep waters or high winds but it has a bright color that can help other boats to spot you if you need to be rescued. Some states mandate wearing life jackets too.
Basic Saltwater Fishing Equipment Videos
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