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Deep Sea Fish Florida

Experience Florida Deep Sea Fishing
Florida deep sea fishing is one of the most thrilling things you can do in life. You have the possibility of reeling in a 400 pound tuna or catching a majestic sailfish every time you go.
If you are taking a vacation in Florida, be sure to at least look into taking a fishing charter for the time of your life. Create a memory that won’t be soon forgotten.
Florida Deep Sea
Florida Deep Sea Fishing Prices

Florida deep sea fishing charters start at $150 for a shared charter. For group charters of 6 or more, expect to pay $750 and up. Group or private charters allow you to be in control of what you fish for an where you go, where as a shared charter is split between up to 6 people and the captain controls what you fish for.

Florida Deep Sea Fishing Seasons
Fishing in Florida is a year round sport. There is large sport fish to be caught every single month of the year, however what species you are catching can vary. The change in weather, currents, spawning and migrations bring different species in different seasons.
Fish Species in Florida by Month:
Cold winds coming out of the north cool the water down. This cools the water down and brings fish like Yellowfin Tuna to the top in search of the warmer water at the surface. This is also a great time to catch Amberjack.
The water generally starts to warm up around this time. The Cobia can be found up and down the coast as the follow the warm waves caused by a south-east wind.
Cobia fishing is now in full effect as they have come to enjoy warmer waters. Several varieties of bait fish migrate in about this time, attracting a plethora of fish species including: Spanish Mackerel, King Mackerel, Red Fish and Flounder. The warming of offshore waters also makes this a great month for Tuna, Wahoo and Dolphin Fish.
Prime time fishing has arrived. Finally Red Snapper season is open and the water temperature has normalized. Tuna are still plentiful and it is prime fishing for Sailfish, Marlin, Wahoo and Dolphin (Mahi-Mahi).
Fishing is still good. It is a good time to fish for Grouper & Tilefish.
Florida Deep Sea Fishing License
Deep Sea Fish Videos
To go fishing in the state of Florida you will need a license. They are valid for 12 months for both residents and out of state fishermen. Please double check fishing license requirements on the states official site at Any reputable fishing charter includes your fishing licenses, so you don’t need to worry about if taking a charter.
Saltwater Fishing License
Anyone who wants to catch saltwater fish, organisms, plants, crabs or clams is required to have a saltwater fishing license. An annual residential license is $17 and a non-resident license is $47 as of 2015.
Freshwater Fishing License
A separate fishing license is required for fishing bodies of fresh water. The annual fishing licenses are the same price as a saltwater license at $17 for residents and $47 for non-residents.
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