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Florida Flats Fishing

How to Fish the Florida Flats
Florida Flats Fishing

If you are in the Southeast, then you already know that flats fishing is the thing to do there. Every year, groups of anglers flock to Florida to enjoy this type of angling. Between the Big Bend southward to the Keys is an excellent region to explore for flats angling.

What are the Florida Flats

For those who are new to Florida flats fishing, it is important to know that “flats” are long shelves along the coastline that are shallow. They usually have grass beds, which is where crabs, shrimp and baitfish congregate.

Where to Fish in Florida

Some of the best places to go flats fishing are Miami, the Florida Keys, Apalachee Bay, Florida Bay, and Tampa Bay. Another location that anglers favor is around Port Richey.

Anglers enjoy that they can get away from it all as they go flats fishing in Florida, looking for popular gamefish that frequent the shallow water estuaries. You can go it alone or book a fishing guide instead.

Tips for Flats Fishing

The best bait to use on the flats is pinfish if you want to secure a good-sized predator. The reason is that larger fish are used to eating pinfish. As the water in flats is very clear, you will be able to see pinfish easily so you can net them as you head to your fishing spot.

A quality strategy for Florida flats fishing is to re-line a pinfish. Do not apply any weight to the line. Instead, simply hook the pinfish (a finger mullet will also work) through the lips and cast it out. Allow your baitfish to freely swim around. You won’t have to wait too long!

What is Caught Fishing the Flats

The most frequent types of fish you will catch are seatrout, snook, redfish, ladyfish, flounder and cobia.

Flats Fishing Videos
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