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Miami Kingfish Fishing

The Kingfish is also known as king mackerel. The Kingfish is a beautiful fish, favorite of many fishermen. They also make a highly sought after game fish. Kingfish also make scrumptious smoked fish and you can even experiment with own special seasonings and rubs.
Miami kingfish fishing can be enjoyed all year round off the reefs of Miami and Miami Beach. But kingfishing is much easier in the spring and summer time. In the warm waters, these fishes migrate to different regions, they travel to the Gulf of Mexico then they go north up to the off shore water of the Carolinas.
They are fairly challenging to catch, putting up a spectacular fight that is a delight to watch. You can catch Miami kingfish from shore, pier, bridge, boat at anchor. In the sea you can find kingfish swims around the shore and in the lake and oceans. The best time to get a catch of kingfish is early in the morning and late evening.
Kingfish are small in size; they love worms, crabs, pogies, thread herring, Spanish sardine, ballyhoo, mullet and clams. But one should keep in mind when going Miami kingfish fishing not to lower the bait too much or else other fish in the water may steal it.
kingfish can not resist the bloodworm as bait, which is expensive and royal bait. You can even try the night-crawler, sand flies. Never use large bait for catching kingfish, as they don’t go for these no matter how tasty they might look. It is advisable to keep the bait moving as this will get the attention of the kingfish. Spinner hooks are the best for catching these fish.
Kingfish are hostile and hard hitting. It is easy to catch the small school fish but big smoker is a special trophy. Miami kingfish have very sharp teeth that might cut through the fishing line, so you need to be careful while fishing for kingfish.
For those fishermen who are new to fishing you should consider hiring a charter boat for Miami kingfish fishing. This can prove to be very helpful in your fishing trip. The charter boat will provide you with almost everything you will need to catch a kingfish. The charter offers you with live bait, lures, fishing equipments; an experienced captain is also there on the boat who will guide you through every step of the fishing tour. The crew on boat will take care of you in case you are not feeling well; in short they will try and make your fishing experience as comfortable as possible. However before you book the charter you must discuss and know all that you are expecting from your Miami Kingfish fishing expedition. Just book the charter and leave the rest to us.

Even if you are not fishing Miami Kingfish yourself,  instead just sitting near the shore and watching the fishermen is a delight. If you are lucky you might even witness a fishing tournament in Miami.

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