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Miami Fishing Expeditions

Miami Fishing Expeditions

Miami is one of the largest and heavily populated cities in Florida. Being blessed with warm climates all year round and ocean access, this southern most resort city is also the most visited international recreation destination. There are many activities for visitors in this beautiful city to indulge in. You can go for a city tour, sightseeing, experiment with the variety of seafood, experience outdoor activities and water sports and much more. One of the most popular activities in Miami is fishing expeditions.

Miami fishing has been attracting thousands of people both professional and amateur anglers from all over the world. All come here to try their luck in catching big game fish. Miami fishing expeditions offers a range of fish to choose from, mahi mahi, shark, Marlin, grouper, swordfish, Wahoo, kingfish, and tilefish to name a few. No wonder this city has become the major sports fishing center in America. There is also a fishing program sponsored by the Park and Recreation department of Miami Dade County in partnership with the Florida Game and Freshwater Fishing Commission.

Moreover, with the new innovations and modern fishing technology, this activity has become more adventurous.  You can take a fishing charter in the deep sea waters and catch some rare species, and explore the ocean like never before.  There are a number of charter companies for you to select in Miami. They offer the latest fishing equipments, gears, satellite and sonar technology to precisely locate the fish. They also offer the best onboard services possible. These include entertainment, onboard chef, cabins to relax and of course and qualified captain and crew to take you around.

Nowadays the fishing boats are able to accommodate large group of anglers. You can even arrange a fishing party or event with the help of such charter companies. You must inquire about the company before hiring their service. You need to ensure that they are professional and are also a licensed company. This is very important for the safety of the passengers onboard.

Getting a charter boat along with a captain is a perfect choice for novice fishermen who want to experience deep sea fishing in Miami. With years of experience the captain of the boat is able to guide them during the adventure.

For Miami fishing expeditions, the residents are required to get a fishing license, except for those under 16 or over 65 years old. For others a three to seven day license is issued. Annual non resident passes are also available. These licenses are perfect for those frequently coming to enjoy Miami fishing expeditions. Those booking charter fishing boats don't need to get a fishing license as the captain will arrange it for you. Just remember to make an advance booking and make sure you are able to plan the trip according to your desires.