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Miami Sport Fishing

Miami is internationally recognized as one of the premiere destination cities for world-class sport fishing. Jumanji sport fishing Charters has been serving Miami fisherman for decades by providing the ultimate sport fishing experience. Miami sport fishing enjoys one of the most prolific and diverse fisheries to be found anywhere in the world. That’s why anglers travel from all four corners of the globe to enjoy the abundance of Miami’s sport fishing opportunities. Depending on the time of year, Miami sport fishing offers an array of fish species from which to choose. The most popular sport fish plying Miami’s pristine waters include sailfish, swordfish, marlin,shark, dolphin, wahoo, tuna, tarpon, kingfish and snapper. Each one of these sport fish challenges even the most seasoned angler, which explains the popularity of Sport fishing in Miami among Miami fishing enthusiasts.
And Jumanji Charters is up to the task of making your Miami sport fishing trip a reality. Each one of Jumanji’s tournament rigged Miami fishing charters bristles with the latest electronics along with the live well, outriggers, top-of-the-line fishing rods and tackle. It’s no wonder the Jumanji Charters is the Miami sport fishing charter of choice for thousands of fishermen who travel to Miami to experience the ultimate sport fishing adventure. As soon as you step aboard one of our modern, clean fishing charters, the journey of a lifetime begins. The first activities you’ll observe is our experienced crew setting the rigs, cutting bait and preparing to make your Miami sport fishing adventure a day to remember for years to come. As your sport fishing charter pulls away from the dock, the vessel heads due east deep into the Atlantic where the marine Leviathans rule the roost and anticipation of what is to come on your Miami sport fishing adventure begins to build.
If your challenge of choice is a mammoth billfish, you know you’re getting close to the action as you strap into the fight chair and grip the rod. You are about to find out what Miami sport fishing is all about. And rest assured that Jumanji’s highly experienced Miami-based sport fishing captain and crew is there to assure your victory over landing some of the most challenging fish to be found in Miami sport fishing.
A sport fishing in Miami charter is a great opportunity to make the day a family affair. Imagine the excitement elicited from the whole family as they witness the frenzied action. And what better environment to bring the family as they enjoy the fresh sea air carried on Caribbean breezes under azure skies surrounded by water that sparkles under the tropical sun. These are what a lifetime of memories are built on when aboard a Jumanji Miami sport fishing charter.
As the day slow draws to a close and the Miami beach sport charter heads back to the dock, now is the time to kick back and reflect on the fantastic time you had on Jumanji’s Miami Sport fishing charter.
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