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Miami Tours

When you are planning your Miami tour various things must be understood to enjoy the holidays better. This is a place with warm beaches and cool pool parties make it bigger city than people think. With various options to explore in beautiful Miami lets review a few.

Miami city bus tour:

With bus tours you will get to know the story of Miami from beginning going to architectural looks and why the place is adored by tourists. The story of the white sand beaches and 1 hour tour across the beaches with traveling into city, Havana, bayside port and shopping area keep the tourists come again and again. The best part is that place has sunny climate most of the year.

Miami tours by sea boat:

If you hire private boat along the Miami coast then you will enjoy the luxurious houses of rich and famous like Shakira etc. You will be guided by the Fisher Island and excellent millionaire’s row.

These tours are arranged in other parts of country too. It is helpful in getting good overview of Miami with local sightseeing, food joints and markets. These tours run entire day and one can walk all day and explore city and catch bus from any terminal. Hence, these Miami tours are regarded as the best.

South Miami Beach:

You can enjoy beautiful art deco in the place and relax all way. You can also opt for guide at the Segway tours for lifetime experience but this is charged. The broad walks and sidewalks are for experienced riders but training will help enjoy the new bees too.

Go carting:

Miami tour is filled with lots of fun with small operated GPS filled cars that serve only one purpose to enjoy the pleasant Miami view with streets story narrated when you cart over the city with GPS tour facility. The guide tells the story in many languages about the beginning of Miami like in Spanish, German, and English etc.

These are fun filled tours with amazing water experience especially at the Washington and Collins Ave. The tour is conducted on murmuring vehicle which narrates the story of different destinations in Miami and hence “quack” is very popular. This is really strange and fun experience but embarrassing to others. This duck goes around the fisher Island and tells the jokes and events if the city in musical way.

Sea Aquarium: Miami tour will be incomplete without this. This is prominent for tourists. You can killer whales and dolphins expressing themselves and the sea lions are kids’ favorite. The shows are daily and education with fun is well imparted carefully.

Air (helicopter) tour: This is costly travel but the aerial view of Miami is breathtaking and hence people doing this feel is worthy of an experience. This is experience which evokes the chemicals in body and the thrill takes you on another level in just 30 minutes of air travel in helicopter. Beautiful sea view is really captivating.

We hope you enjoy every moment with our Miami tour options.