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Time to Gear Up Deep Sea Fishing Rods

Deep sea, salt water fishing is a little different from fishing in the rivers and fresh water lakes. While lighter fishing rods are good to go for the fresh water bodies, deep sea fishing requires stronger rods. The deep sea fish varieties such as grander blue marine and snapper are also stronger and need something that will take on their weight and withstand the time it takes to land one.
Deep Sea Fishing Rods
Types of fishing styles and fishing rods
The style of fishing also plays a part in the type of rod that you select. Some rods perform better in specific fishing scenarios and type of fish. The common fishing styles are listed below
For trolling, you drop your line from a moving vessel. Other fishing methods include surf fishing where you cast your line standing ashore and pier fishing where you cast your line from a structure that projects into the sea.
Each of the following fishing styles has its recommended rods. The surfcasting rod is long to enable the line reach past the breakers when standing at the seashore. The spinning rod enables continuous casting and retrievals. It is good for pier fishing. On the other hand, the trolling rod comes with a fighting belt or a chair to withstand the pull from large fish. Ice fishing rods are the shortest, as they do not require any casting.
The power combo; the deep sea fishing rods and the deep sea fishing reels
Your performance at sea also depends on the flexibility of the rod and the speed of the reel that pulls your line. Deep-sea fishing in areas that are likely to have big fish requires fast and stronger reels and a rigid rod.
The medium fishing action requires a rod that has a rigid bottom and more bend as you head to the top. The rigidity at the bottom offers resistance to the wind and enables you to lift heavy fish. This is a great option if you are a novice.
If you are fishing small fish, take a rod that bends in its entire length. However, it comes with a light reel and works well in fair weather. It is not recommended for most of the sea fishing.
Deep sea fishing reels either come as inshore or offshore reels. You can also choose from conventional, baitcasting, and spinning reels. Trolling reels usually come with power assist systems for ease in pulling off big fish.
Grab the right deep sea fishing gear and start your hunt for delicious fish.
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