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Tips for Dock Fishing

Do you want to learn more about the art of fishing from docks? Yes, it is an art. In fact, fishing docks vary quite a bit, and some are better than others. Here are some tips to help you get a successful catch.
Best and Worst Types of Fishing Docks
Tips for Dock Fishing
Fishing from docks made of metal is not something you want to do if you’re looking for bass. This is because bass is attracted to natural structures. Instead, look for docks that have wooden legs.
If you’re not an expert caster than also try to avoid fishing from docks that have boats in them. Otherwise, you might damage boats with hooks, which their owners won’t appreciate.
Lastly, avoid crowded residential docks as they want to enjoy the peaceful surroundings and probably won’t want to be around those of us who want to fish. Leave them be and return to this dock later when it’s empty.
Where to Stand on Fishing Docks
Now that you’ve found the right dock, you want to fish first on its shadow side. Specifically, start by the wooden legs as there’s likely to be bass there and you can catch them unawares. The reason for starting with the shadow side is that you won’t give a shadow that could potentially scare away the fish.
Choosing the Right Gear
Fishing from docks involves selecting gear that is effective in a fairly small space. If it’s bass you’re after, then go for a lightweight line and rod. Be as quiet as possible upon approach and use a topwater, such as a popper or dark buzzbait slowly, if it is morning.
Later in the day, a spinnerbait would be best. Work it parallel to the fishing docks legs. If it is really warm though or you’re having no success then switch to a lightweight flippin’ jig with a trailer.
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