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Top Fishing Knots

Knots are very important in fishing yet rarely do they get the attention they deserve. The right knots can strengthen your line and help you catch more fish, so we want to bring attention to the top fishing knots here.
Top Fishing Knots Explained
Top Fishing Knots
Palomar Knot
The Palomar Knot works so well that it is the one recommended by Berkley FireLine. Put it with a fluorocarbon fishing line and you will be impressed too.
To tie this top fishing knot, take approximately six inches of the main line and pass it through the hook eye. Double the loop and make an overhand knot around the doubled line. Be sure to leave a loop that the hook or lure can pass through. Next, pull down the loop, so it covers the full hook and lure, moisten and draw it tight.
Trilene Knot
The Trilene Knot works well at joining fluorocarbon line with swivels, lures and leaders. It maintains the line’s original strength reliably and tying it can quickly become so easy that you do it without even thinking about it.
Uni to Uni Knot
When you want to join lines that have about the same diameter, the Uni to Uni is a top choice. It has high sensitivity and great pulling power. It is easy to cast and keeps up to 90 percent of the original fishing line’s strength. It works well when you want to add a fluorocarbon or monofilament leader to your superline mainline.
Eugene Bend Knot
A strong knot, the Eugene Bend Knot is excellent for fluorocarbon and monofilament fishing lines. When you tie it right, you will hear a bit of a pop when pulled tight.
To tie the Eugene Bend Knot put the tag end of the knot through the hook eye and create a big loop. Wrap the loop around your standing line and proceed to wrap it four times. Then move the tag end through the loop, moisten and draw it tight.
Now you have a range of fishing knots from which to choose for when you go out on the water next.
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