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King Mackerel Fishing Miami

King Mackerel Fishing Miami

The king mackerel or kingfish is a highly sought after fish and for good reason. It is a spectacular fish with a rich flavor, and these giant fish average 50 to 60 pounds. Here are secrets to catching king mackerel in Miami waters.

In Miami, the king mackerel proves elusive for many fishermen due to their high speeds and wily moves. By learning more about this member of the tuna family, you can perfect your catch.

The kingfish is found in waters between 70-200 feet. In Miami, stick to the areas with depths between 100-120 feet.

While you can catch king with pretty much any boat, your success increases while sport fishing when you have twin or triple outboards that get you to the location quicker than other boats. Another advantage is having a hull built to run in rough situations so that it works even when the waters won’t cooperate.

For bait, use artificial and combine with a Bonito strip at the end of a 40-foot cord. A planer will also be helpful for you in Miami waters. When you have live bait, you will be more likely to catch king mackerel as well as the other species that swim there, including Wahoo, Cobia and Sailfish.

Also, plan to use a 7-foot wire leader. While king mackerel have razor sharp teeth, they often cannot chew through the wire. You would also do well to add another wire piece as a stinger rig to your lead hook. That way if the aggressive fish tear the live bait in half, as they often do, you increase the chances of hooking them.

Get ready for the catch of your life! You will feel on top of the world when you catch king mackerel in Miami, whether you are doing so for the thrill of the hunt or to win a fishing tournament and take the trophy.

Do you have tips for catching kingfish? Let us know about them in the comments below.

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