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Having trouble deciding which fishing line to use? Most fishing utilizes three lines and there are certain situations when you can use each of them. Here’s more for you about when to use braid, fluorocarbon or monofilament lines.
Choosing the Best Fishing Line
Best Fishing Line
Braided Line
The original of the three fishing lines is the braid variety. It is very strong and castable. However, the braided line is more visible to fish than the others (monofilament or fluorocarbon). If it is daytime then you will want to opt for one of the other kinds; if it’s low light, you can use any of the lines.
In particular, Spiderwire is a reliable type of braided line. It comes in three line sizes: 10, 50 and 65 pounds. The 50 and 65 pound braided are great for fishing lures with single hooks, like worms. For spinning tackle, use the 10-pound option.
For floating baits, the best choice is a monofilament. It is the choice for anglers much of the time because it is very castable and difficult for fish to see.
Also, mono has a stretch to it that braided does not, which makes it more difficult for a fish to throw the line during the fight. The stretch is also handy when the fish is being picky, and you want them to hold the bait just a bit longer before you hook them.
While monofilament has been around about 50 years, fluorocarbon has come along only within the past ten year. It is castable enough for use as the main line for spinning and casting reels.
It has good invisibility and stretch. In a clear-water situation where the fish are slow to bite, fluorocarbon fishing line is a great choice. Fluorocarbon is more sensitive than mono. However, fluorocarbon sinks, rather than being floatable, which is the opposite of monofilament.
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