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Miami Fishing Charters – Picking The Best

Picking the Best Fishing Charter in Miami
Miami Fishing Charters - Picking The Best

We all know that Miami is one of the world’s top spots for deep sea fishing because of the location. From Miami you are five minutes from the ocean and 15 minutes away from the Gulf Stream where all you favorite sport fish are.

If you want to fish Miami and get the most out of your trip then, you need to be selective about choosing Miami fishing charters. There are hundreds of boats to pick from but only a select few have the knowledge and experience to bring back a trophy you can brag about for the rest of your life.

Deep sea fishing in Miami means shark, sailfish, mahi mahi, grouper, king fish, snapper, marlin, and swordfish. Yes, this is some of the best big game fishing in the world but if you pick the wrong charter then you may not even see a fish let alone catch the fish you have your heart set on.

You need to look for experience and knowledge.

Experience shows in the way your Miami charter boat is maintained. A boat that is kept in top shape means a lot of people have paid to use this boat. If more people use the boat then you can be almost guaranteed to catch the fish you want.

Look at the fishing equipment. The newest most fancy rods and reels do not really mean as much as the level of care that goes into maintaining the equipment.

Selecting the right boat depends on the size of your party. Look for Miami fishing charters that offer a variety of boat sizes that can fit just you, a few people, or a business trip designed to impress your clients.

Knowledge shows in a number of ways. Look for trophies from fishing tournaments. Anyone can make a copy of a big fish picture and claim that they caught it on their boat. Photos that are signed in ink by the people that caught the big fish are a sure sign that the crew and pilot of the boat know their business.

Do not be afraid to ask questions. One of your best sources for finding the perfect Miami charter boat is local restaurants. Find out what boat supplies the most food fish to local restaurants. The most successful boat makes money selling fish to restaurants.

Ask the owners and the crew about their record catching the exact game fish that you are really looking for. If a skipper and his crew tell you where the fish you want to catch are and what times of year you can expect to catch a certain kind of fish with no hesitation then you know you found a winner.

Look for a charter that puts your convenience first. They should have phone and Internet booking. The best charters will make room for you even in the busiest part of the season and not add on fees for doing this.

We are not afraid of telling you how to pick the best deep sea fishing charter in Miami because we do our dead level best to meet the standards we just described so you have the most exciting and successful fishing experience you ever had in your life.;

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