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How to Use GPS as a Boater

A marine GPS (Global Positioning System) unit is a great tool for any boater to have in his or her collection. GPS is an extensive network of satellites that determine a user’s location with precision and guide this person to the destination. If someone gets lost, a marine GPS unit can be life saving.
Benefits of GPS for Boaters
How to Use GPS as a Boater
Before heading out for travel, the GPS unit can also help with planning a trip. On a daily basis, GPS units are used on boats that get damaged or lost as a means to get back to safety. Also, GPS technology is helpful for avoiding collisions with other boats and staying on course.
To use a marine GPS device is not overly complex. It requires reading the manual and learning the meanings of the unit’s different signals. Then simply program the device for the upcoming boating trip. While there are different kinds of GPS units on the market, the interfaces are typically intuitive and easy to operate.
Some marine GPS systems are voice activated. Consider getting one that has verbal activation in addition to the manual type as it can be handy if the boater is moving around a lot, such as while navigating the boat. Also, pay attention to the size of the screen; if you want to be able to clearly read maps and location coordinates on the screen, a larger screen is necessary.
Another consideration is a GPS fishfinder, which takes the frustration out of finding your catch while you’re out on the water. There is a range of fishfinders available for purchase, with different models, features, and functions to them.
Also popular are GPS fishfinder combo units, which combine the ability to find the catch with knowledge of where the boat is currently. These units may include maps of U.S. rivers, coastlines, and lakes. Some models can be set for saltwater or freshwater surroundings too.
How to Use GPS as a Boater Videos
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