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Snapper Fishing

Snapper fishing is a type of sports fishing that you often don’t hear about in the United States. That’s because this particular kind of sports fishing is more common in New Zealand. Snapper is one of the most popular kinds of fish in the country. There isn’t a restaurant or a family dinner that doesn’t include this fish with its meal. Snapper is typically found around the entire North Island of the native land.

Fun for the Whole Family

Contrary to popular belief, this type of fishing is one of the safest water sports and pastimes for the entire family. You can even teach some of your younger children to learn how to catch fish. Everyone gets in on the fun, even the elderly. It’s nothing like the extreme sport fishing you may come across on television.
So, what is snapper, you may ask? It’s another name for baby bluefish that you may have come across in lakes and oceans. They love to feed in the summer and will typically “snap” at anything that comes their way, hence the name. It’s easier to catch them in the summertime since they swim around in abundance and are particularly curious. Once you tempt them with the bait and they’re caught on the hook, they’ll try to fight but they rarely get away.
This makes snapper fishing fun for all ages. You can introduce anyone to this sport if you want to spend more quality time and do something different for a change. When caught, snapper makes a great meal at either lunch or dinner time. However, most people don’t like the taste of snapper or bluefish. They tend to shy away from eating this kind of fish since it’s not as delicious as the adult bluefish.
Even some fish lovers aren’t used to this type of fish, which has textured white meat. When seasoned well, it can be easily enjoyed with your family. In most parts of the country, snapper fishing typically starts around August and lasts through Labor Day the middle of September. Of course, the fishing season will vary depending on the climate of the season and your geographic location.

Tools You Need for Fishing

It’s one of the easiest fishing sports you’ll ever take on. Even if you never fished before, you’ll find how easy it is. All you need is a fishing line, hooks, bait, and a bucket to keep the fish. You’ll want to get a fishing line that’s flexible but won’t snap in half. Proper care of your fishing line is recommended so that it will last for years.
Spearing is the most preferred kind of bait to use on snapper. It’s the best bait to use in the summertime when the snappers are especially biting. But any bait will do since they’re particularly voracious during this season. You can even use small pieces of canned ham if you wanted to do.
Use long shank hooks if you want to attract snapper with natural bait. You can buy fishing supplies at your local bait and tackle shop. Most of them have fishing experts who can help you set everything up before your trip. You can also ask them tips about catching snapper.

Fishing Tips and Techniques

You need to learn the two basic techniques for catching snapper. The first one is using a bait and popper. Once you cast your line in the water, all you have to do is wait for them to bite.
The other technique is to lure them without a bait. This will allow you to cast your line as far as you can and reel the fish in. This should attract all of the snappers that are feet within your sight.
Try both of these techniques to see which one works best. You may have to switch it up depending on the season and time that you go fishing. Other tips to keep in mind is to switch up the bait, don’t cast too far into the water, and to be patient. You’ll get a catch eventually, but you may have to wait most of the time.
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