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Saltwater Fishing Bait Tips

With bait advice, your saltwater fishing adventures can be all the more successful by landing you more caught fish. Here are some tips!

The Baiscs

Saltwater Fishing Bait TipsBest Types of Bait

When saltwater fishing, the best bait for most species are worms, squid, or bait fish. “Bait fish” are small prey, which includes herring, ballyhoo, mullet, shrimp and sardines. Kinds of worms are blood, sand and earth worms. While squid can be hard to obtain, it’s a great choice when you want a lot of action.

What You’re Going to Catch

Common types of fish you’ll catch when saltwater fishing include cobia, cod, bluefish, bonefish, halibut, grouper, sailfish, tuna, striped bass and kingfish. If you’re new to the sport, then you’ll want to get a charter to help you get experience and learn some tips firsthand too.

Keeping Bait Live and in Great Shape

You’ll want the bait to be in perfect shape when you use it so in the meantime keep it out of direct sunlight. Also, change the water every two hours so that it doesn’t get too warm; cool water holds more oxygen than warm water.

The Proper Steps

Wondering which is the best bait to use? First, think about the species of fish that you want to catch. Then, set up the right equipment and tackle for that type of fish and set it up properly. Lastly, pick a bait that matches the fish species, equipment and tackle.

While this process sounds like beginner stuff, you’d be surprised how many people get it wrong! Also, do your research and determine the best location for fishing for the specific type of fish you want to hook; in other words, where are they more likely to live? You can do this type of research online. Do it right the first time and you’ll enjoy a great saltwater fishing outing today.

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