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How Noise Effects Fish
Did you know that fish aren’t as hard of hearing as some of us humans? Yes, fish can hear, as per scientists and experienced anglers. Water sound effects can have an impact on your fishing
Bowfishing Info: The Basics
Are you curious about how to how to bow fish? If so, you’re part of a growing trend of outdoor enthusiasts who are trying it. The most common types of fish for bowfishing are drum,
Small Boat Fishing: Trolling Tips
There are advantages to fishing from a boat that is “small” or between 20-27 feet, including less risk of error, particularly if the weather turns on you. A small boat usually also has a fuel
The average kingfish is around 20 pounds, and its true name is King Mackerel. As the biggest mackerel in Florida, kingfish are a migratory species that many anglers want to catch. If you’re one of
Fishing Rod
Choosing the best fishing rod that fits your needs can be difficult as there are so many different options. Couple this with the immense variation in price points, and a task that was supposed to
Tarpon Fishing
If you check online, you will discover plenty of service providers that offer tarpon fishing. Before going for tarpon fishing, it is vital that you read some major aspects discussed here. Some major characteristics As
If you want to go out on fishing along or are seeking a good company for the same, then shared charters in Miami, Florida are suitable for you. We offer shared charters that enable the
Surefire tips to catch kingfish in Miami
With the size in the range of 5 to 50 pounds, Kingfish is one of the most popular catches in Miami. You can either hire a Kingfish fishing charter in Miami or try catching this
Dolphin Fishing Guide for Anglers in Miami
Also known as mahi-mahi, the dolphin is quite popular in Miami when one thinks of sport fishing. If you, too, are looking forward to catching this fish type, go through our dolphin fishing guide in
Large Wahoo Fishing
Wahoo is considered one of the yummiest fish in the ocean. Numerous individuals enjoy Wahoo fishing in Miami because it involves some extra efforts than regular fishing. If you are also one of them, follow
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